Économat des Armées


Public sector


Économat des Armées (EdA) is a French public company providing support services to the French Armed Forces and other organizations under the French Ministry for the Armed Forces. Its work covers three key areas of expertise: food supply, restaurant management, and in-field camp management. EdA employs 500 people and achieves annual revenue of around €300 million.

Le projet en bref

EdA called in Hardis Group to provide project owner support as it embarked on a vast, 30-month program of strategic, operational, organizational, and digital transformation. The aim was to put into it action its new strategy as defined by its line ministry and its Board of Directors.

Hardis Group provided end-to-end support in two phases:

  • Phase 1 involved defining the EdA’s five-year strategy and target operational models, then making recommendations (in terms of organization, skills, processes, and tools) in order to achieve these target operational models. A change management plan was drawn up, setting out the full range of impacts of the proposals. 

  • Phase 2 focused on putting the transformation into action and embedding the new strategy across the EdA’s operations. Hardis Group’s experts mobilized the entire EdA team behind this endeavor, jointly developing a toolkit for employees to enable them to become agents of change.

Project objectives

  • Align EdA’s strategy with the requirements of its line ministry
  • Clarify EdA’s mission, both internally and externally
  • Strengthen EdA’s client focus
  • Enhance operational performance 
  • Set up an agile organization and transform ways of working
  • Redefine EdA’s portfolio of services
  • Streamline IT systems to support EdA’s activities

Tasks performed

  • Defining the new strategy and target operational models
  • Optimizing EdA’s governance
  • Developing a change management plan
  • Identifying projects to mobilize managers and embed the transformation
  • Developing an in-house training passport
  • Creating a unified, crosscutting portfolio of services
  • Developing language frameworks and visuals to support marketing efforts
  • Defining EdA’s sales and marketing strategy—organization-wide and per service (business model canvas, business plan, and road maps)
  • Supporting effective communication around the transformation program


  • Structured corporate governance
  • Ability to work collaboratively (in project mode)
  • Employees equipped to act as agents of change
  • Breaking down of silos between business lines and shared vision of EdA’s mission 
  • Crosscutting visibility of EdA’s portfolio of services
  • New brand identity
  • New core IT system connecting different tools and ensuring reliable data exchanges

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