Banking, insurance


The mutual insurance company designs custom insurance products and delegates sales and management of its policies.

The project at a glance

A mutual insurance company that delegates sales and management of its custom insurance products opted to deploy a new system to provide end-to-end business and complex flow management capabilities at scale, while ensuring compliance with the PRDG standard (which governs delegated management in the French insurance industry). The company brought in Hardis Group to deploy DXC’s delegated management system.

Project objectives

  • Industrialize the processing, verification and approval of delegated management flows
  • Manage complexity (business introducer commission for brokers, shared delegation, affiliations, coinsurance, reinsurance, debt recovery, etc.)
  • Handle all flows, both upstream (PRDG and RAD standards, plus non-standardized flows) and downstream (reporting, actuarial work, inventory, and management)
  • Deploy DXC’s delegation management system

Work performed

  • Project scoping: processes, flows, integration with existing IT system, impacts (business, regulatory, and on appointed managers), etc.
  • Configuration, testing, acceptance testing, and deployment of the system
  • Integration into the existing IT system
  • Delivery of training for in-house teams



  • Better-structured businesses processes 
  • Support for a wide range of appointed manager reporting formats
  • Compliance with the PRDG standard
  • Industrialization of business-specific verifications
  • High flow processing capacity


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