As supply chains and ominichannel move ahead at pace, transport and logistics are now vital ingredients of a competitive business. Drawing on our 30-year-plus track record in the sector, we help logistics experts harness technology to achieve operational excellence, drive productivity, and improve traceability.

Transforming the supply chain to create business value

As a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, we are uniquely placed to help you:

  • Turn your supply chain into a competitive edge, and boost customer satisfaction
  • Optimize your organization, processes, and logistics flows
  • Identify technology solutions that address your specific challenges and requirements
  • Become more productive, deliver a better standard of service, and improve agility and traceability
  • Supervise and manage every aspect of your logistics operations.

Accelerating digital transformation of the supply chain

Drawing on our dual expertise in logistics and information systems, we help you:

  • Define and deploy your digital supply chain and logistics information system upgrade strategy
  • Integrate or develop custom applications designed with your specific requirements in mind
  • Deploy analytics and predictive tools to help you plan ahead and organize your operations accordingly.

Boosting logistics performance

Our Reflex software suite is a comprehensive logistics solution, helping major groups, mid-sized firms and SMEs alike manage their factories, warehouses and retail outlets.

Our Eyesee inventory-taking drone—winner of two CES awards—simplifies and secures inventory and location checks in factories and warehouses.

Innovating together

At Hardis Group, we innovative together with our ecosystem of forward-thinking partners and startups to bring you the full benefits of supply chain 4.0 technologies:

  • Internet of things: geolocation and tracking of goods and trucks
  • Artificial intelligence: analytics and predictive maintenance
  • Visual recognition: inventory and assets
  • Blockchain: traceability
  • Augmented and virtual reality: training and equipment maintenance

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