As a transformation, innovation and management consulting firm, we can support and help you accelerate your digital and IT transformation projects. Our team of over 100 consultants is committed to helping you define your digital strategy. We also support you in the evolution of your organization, processes, the choice and implementation of technologies and the management of change with your teams with a custom approach. 

Digital transformation and innovation consulting

At Hardis Group, we help you harness the power of innovation and digital transformation to set your organization apart.

Customer 360

Offering a personalized digital customer experience. Choosing and deploying sales support and CRM solutions. Exploiting customer data.

Supply chain performance and digitization

We help you turn your supply chain into a competitive edge, boost your operational efficiency, and deliver on your client promise.

Change management

We have the methods, expertise and tools to help you make change management a central part of your business and IT transformation projects.

IT Advisory

We help IT departments create value for their organization, become more agile, and ensure IT resources are properly assigned to business needs.

Support for IT transformation projects

We help you manage your IT projects, and your IT project portfolio, to make your digital transformation projects a success.


Our consultants will help you at every stage of the process, from defining a context-appropriate testing strategy, to managing testing operations and security.

IT Due Diligence

We help parties involved in M&A and carve-out operations identify IT risks and assess the cost of maintaining business continuity.