Discover the job of designer-developer with Aurore!

"We have a lot of different and very varied missions. In three years I have not done the same mission twice and seen the same technology twice! It's very rewarding and you learn every day."

Aurore, Designer and Developer

Being a consultant is an exciting job!

What I like most about Hardis Group is the working atmosphere and the trust placed in the employee.

Jules, Junior Consultant

Real expertise at the service of our insurance clients

"Hardis Group allows each employee to work on assignments that they like and according to their degree of expertise."

Mickaël, Senior Insurance Consultant


Discover Hardis Group with Yona, Reflex Logistics Software Solution Consultant

"I joined as a junior consultant, I was supported by my manager and colleagues to increase my skills and then I became a senior consultant."

Yona, Reflex Logistics Software Solution Consultant

Discover Hardis Group with Simon, Infrastructure Manager

"In my team we work collaboratively, each person is free to express their ideas so that we can provide the best solution for our customers."

Simon, Infrastructure Manager

Discover the job of a Salesforce consultant, with Agnès!

"Joining Hardis Group means joining an entity that is committed to helping its employees evolve, in terms of what they wish to do with their careers."

Agnès, Salesforce Consultant

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