The best thing about my job is working with people. I love motivating and managing people—coworkers and clients alike. I work in a diverse team. My coworkers come from all walks of life, with different levels of experience, different ages, different backgrounds, and different career and personal ambitions.

- Mickaël
At Hardis Group since 3 years
Project Director and Agile Coach (Lyon - France)

Everyone I've worked with at Hardis Group has been friendly and pleasant—towards their coworkers and towards clients. As I see it, that's what makes somewhere a great place to work.

- Charlotte
At Hardis Group since 3 years
Salesforce Consultant (Lyon - France)

I've been with Hardis Group for 27 years. The change I've seen in that time is like switching from a black-and-white to a color television! But that strong sense of family and community has always been there. That's what makes Hardis a special place to work.

- Lydia
At Hardis Group since 27 years
Travel Management Officer (Grenoble - France)


It's always nice to bump into French rugby player Sébastien Chabal in the corridor.

- Adélaïde
At Hardis Group since 5 years
Senior Consultant (Lyon - France)

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