Abilis Group


Distribution, luxury goods and CPG


Abilis is a clothing and equipment service provider formed in 2014 through the merger of 19 tailoring and shoe-making firms. The company makes, repairs, cleans, designs, and manufactures uniform and kit for the armed forces, uniformed services and institutions, and manufacturers in the civilian sector.

Project overview

After winning new contracts from the French Ministry for the Armed Forces, Abilis needed to rethink its structures and processes to enable it to cater to market demand and expand its business in new directions. Hardis Group’s experts worked with the company’s management team to develop a core model, then supported the group and entity managers through the digital transformation process. 

Thanks to Hardis Group’s support, our organization is ready and able to meet our clients’ requirements.” — Émile de Palmas, CEO, Abilis

Project objectives

  • Identify the impacts of new contracts
  • Ensure the group was organizationally fit to deliver on its commitments
  • Develop professionalism and raise the bar for service
  • Prioritize projects

Tasks performed

  • Training teams on the ground in the new ways of working
  • Supporting senior executives 
  • Analyzing processes and the organization of production units and service centers
  • Carrying out audits and developing action plans 
  • Advising on and monitoring actions taken by senior executives


  • Expanded capacity within the Abilis network
  • Standardized sales and production processes across all group entities
  • Shorter production lead times for client garments
  • Real-time organization management and order tracking

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