The fourth industrial revolution is giving rise to new challenges. With those challenges come major organizational and technological change. At Hardis Group, we help manufacturers manage digital transformation, from defining their innovation strategy to deploying factory 4.0 technologies.

Accelerating digital transformation in manufacturing

At Hardis Group, we help you meet today's challenges head on: becoming more flexible and making increasingly customized products, catering to specific requests from increasingly demanding customers, moving upmarket and embracing innovation, streamlining production costs, shortening delivery lead times, and limiting your impact on the environment. We bring you innovation that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Our industry 4.0 experts are here to advise and guide you as you migrate to the factory 4.0 model—connected, digital, and automated. We can help you:

  • Define and implement your digitization and innovation strategy
  • Manage your digitization and change management projects
  • Examine and integrate the right technology solutions for your business and your imperatives
  • Harness the potential of co-innovation, from proof of concept right through to deployment at scale.

Optimizing the industrial supply chain

At Hardis Group, we are experts in supply chain optimization. We help you drive logistics performance in your factories—upstream and downstream of your production lines, from the moment your components and raw materials arrive on site, to storage and dispatch of your finished products. Our solutions help you:

  • Manage your warehouses and production facilities (Reflex WMS for Factory)
  • Optimize assembly and production lead times
  • Meet regulatory and quality standards (tracking and traceability of flows and production orders)
  • Manage reusable containers and packaging
  • Perform automated drone-based inventories.

Innovating together

At Hardis Group, we innovative together with our ecosystem of forward-thinking partners and startups to bring you the full benefits of industry 4.0 technologies:

  • Internet of things: digital twins and energy efficiency gains across the production chain
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning: predictive maintenance
  • Blockchain: supply chain reliability and traceability
  • Visual recognition: automated inventories, nonconformity recognition
  • Automation: data standardization and reliability (eCl@ss standard)
  • Augmented and virtual reality: training and equipment maintenance.

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