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11/09/2019 - Locam automates its business processes with UiPath

Hardis Group is helping finance specialist Locam to identify and automate its repetitive, low-value-added tasks using UiPath Robotic Process Automation. After successfully trialling UiPath for duplicate invoice issuing, and securing business team buy-in, the firm plans to extend the application to other use cases.

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26/06/2019 - Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Hardis Group chooses UiPath

As part of its operational performance optimization consulting offering, Hardis Group now offers services based on UiPath's robotic process automation (RPA) platform. Services include identifying business processes which are eligible for automation, solution integration and upgrade maintenance, and change management, which is crucial to this type of project.

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17/04/2019 - Will we all, insiders included, be consultants by 2030?

Will we all be consultants by 2030? This is a big question that has come up time and again in recent years. But it isn't always framed in the right way. The real issue isn't about employees' status or the supposed end of employment contracts, but rather about the future of organizations and the role that their members play-both within and outside.

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