Since it was created in 1984 by four college friends, Hardis Group has been operating both as a business service company in computer engineering and as a software company. The company has developed gradually. Its founding managers still head up the company despite introducing a management transition plan in 2012.

Nicolas Odet, President

A graduate of Grenoble Ecole de Management, Nicolas Odet joined Hardis Group in 2000 and supervised several areas of activity. He held the position of Executive Vice President from 2013 to April 2014, then became Hardis Group CEO in 2015. Holder of an Executive MBA from Em Lyon business school, he initiated with Yvan Coutaz the capital transmission process completed in March 2019.

Today, as President of Hardis Group, he leads the company's strategic development in different target sectors in France and abroad. Convinced that technologies lie at the heart of business transformation, he brings within our executive committee a strong dynamic of growth based on development of expertise and innovative solutions.

He maintains close relations with our investors CM CIC Investissement and BPI France, fosters key partnerships and conducts the external growth operations with a view to strengthen the group and to put it at the heart of its customers' business and IT challenges.

Yvan Coutaz, Managing Director

Yvan Coutaz joined Hardis Group in 2000 to take part in the creation of the Consulting & Project Owner Assistance group subsidiary, for which he successively held the functions of organization and information system consultant, Head of the project owner support activity and Managing Director in 2010. In early 2013, he was promoted to Executive Vice President. As a member of the executive committee, he participates in the definition of the group's strategic orientations and their definition in operational terms. In 2018, he was promoted to Managing Director.

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