IT departments, like all enterprise teams, need a way to back up data so they can quickly reconfigure their hardware in the event of an incident or component failure. Cariboo, our open-source application for backing up IT infrastructure configurations, guards against data loss and saves you precious time in reconfiguring your hardware (such as storage racks, switches and virtual servers).

Quickly back up and restore infrastructure component configurations

Cariboo supports configuration backups and restorations for the following infrastructure components:

Cariboo is quick and easy to configure and includes an automatic VIOS detection feature.

Once you have finalized your backup, you can decide how often you want to back it up. For maximum security, backups can be incorporated into your organization’s general business recovery plan.

  • Hardware Management Consoles (HMCs) for IBM Power Systems servers (IBMi, AIX and Linux)
  • Brocade Fiber Channel switches
  • Virtual I/O Servers (VIOS)
  • IBM FlashSystem storage racks (including Storwize and SVC models).
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An open-source application available as a virtual appliance or RPM package

Cariboo is an open-source application released in two formats: a virtual appliance for deployment on any type of virtual machine (VM), and an RPM package that can be installed inside a proprietary RedHat (or derived) distribution.

It also comes with optional installation and support services from Hardis Group.