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Insurance and connected devices: bespoke, but not without trust

05/07/2017 | Dorine Millot, Business Consulting consultant

Insurers see connected devices as an opportunity to create new products, precisely adapted to each individual. Such insurance plans will only appeal to insured parties on condition of financial gai...

7 key success factors for your DevOps procedure

28/06/2017 | Maxime Orand

Expert opinion by Maxime Orand, Consultant, Hardis Group Although on paper the DevOps procedure looks like a winner, we have to accept that sometimes, despite the best will in the world, in real...

Can DevOps and ITIL be reconciled?

23/05/2017 | Maxime Orand

Expert opinion By Maxime Orand, Consultant, Hardis Group There is nothing new about being tempted to wipe the slate clean when a new approach is introduced. However, a good medium-term approach ...

Mobile application development. Never without a strategy!

08/03/2017 | Cédric Belmont

Expert opinion by Cédric Belmont, Business Solutions manager, Hardis Group Pointless, unknown or even misleading: how many mobile applications have met with only critical success, very often wit...

IoT: testing at the heart of business model validation

14/09/2016 | Laurent Dall'Agnol, Rémy Dujardin

Expert opinion by Laurent Dall'Agnol, Senior Consultant, and Rémy Dujardin, Deputy Manager Consultancy, Hardis Group In 2013 Cisco estimated that only 0.06% of connectable objects were actually ...

Internet of Things, a booster for digital transformation

29/03/2016 | Damien Pasquinelli

Expert opinion by Damien Pasquinelli, Data Intelligence offer Manager, Hardis Group The market of connected objects (Internet of Things, IoT) is expanding. Many companies want to position themse...