Our Eyesee inventory drone has been designed to automate, secure and accelerate inventory and stock-taking operations in warehouses. Our solution is easy to put into operation. It solves all the problems associated with inventories: rental of elevated work platforms, risks for participating personnel, interruption of logistics activity, etc.

A comprehensive drone inventory solution

Our drone inventory solution is the result of two years of R&D and co-innovation with our customers. It simplifies stock-taking and verification of goods locations in warehouses. It comprises:

  • a standalone drone that flies around the warehouse, capturing information from bar codes on boxes and pallets,
  • a tablet application enabling the operator to control the drone, check the captured data and interact with the drone,
  • a back office application for administration, configuration and interfacing with other applications (WMS, ERP, etc.)

Automates and simplifies logistics inventories

Using its sensors and indoor geolocalisation system, Eyesee flies around the warehouse according to a predetermined flight plan. Its cameras capture information from the relevant logistics labels for stock-taking. The operator views the captured data on the tablet in real time and can interact with the drone, if it has not captured the right information or cannot find the bar code.

A secure drone solution

Eyesee is equipped with a 360° anti-collision system and safety systems. It automatically stops flying if it detects an obstacle, if one of its geolocalisation sensors is defective or if Wifi communication with the tablet is interrupted.

The strengths of our Eyesee solution

  • Can be deployed rapidly, without requiring any adaptation of infrastructure
  • Reads each label five times more quickly than when inventories are carried out using elevated work platforms
  • Reduces risks and difficulties associated with inventories
  • Accepts all bar code formats
  • Integrates with all WMS and ERP software
  • Simplifies year-round identification and correction of stock-taking errors

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L’Oréal approves the Eyesee inventory drone solution after a successful trial

L’Oréal approves the Eyesee inventory drone solution after a successful trial

L’Oréal Active Cosmetics Division chooses the Eyesee inventory drone solution for inventory audits at its logistics hub in Vichy, central France.

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