Remote banking, omni-channel customer relationship, connected offices, redefining the bank adviser's role, etc. With its dual business and IT expertise, Hardis Group can help you to meet your IT, operational and strategic challenges: digital transformation, transformation by service and cultural transformation internally and with regard to your customers.

Proposing solutions in line with your customers expectations

Your customers are increasingly choosing to manage their account and banking operations online, from their computer, tablet or smartphone. Hardis Group helps you to design new Web and mobile services, capitalizing on your existing back offices.

  • Modernization of the legacy systems: transformation and rewriting of your business applications in Web technologies to become more agile and offer new digital services more quickly
  • Development of front-offices: mobile and Web applications, touchscreen devices, etc.

Creating new digital services (innovative)

Digital has become an undeniable force in the banking services to help retain existing customers and attract new ones. We co-create with you new innovative digital services to improve the customer knowledge and experience:

  • Connected offices: provide your bank advisers with tools helping them manage more efficiently the customer relationship (loan calculator, configurator, tenant tracking, etc.)
  • CRM and 360° knowledge of the customer: regroup, structure and analyze customer data in order to offer them consistent and personalized services Hardis Group is Salesforce integrator
  • Connected devices: capitalize on the IoT's potential to create new uses and banking services
  • Digital performance: analyze and improve the performance of your digital services
  • Data intelligence: customer journey and behaviour analysis to anticipate their requirements, prevent fraud, provide the right service at the right time (higher education, wedding, retirement, etc.)

Develop the role of your bank adviser

Digital transformation requires to rethink the role of your branch advisers, to build a service culture at all stages of the bank.

Our Business Consulting department helps you to draw up your digital strategy, the change management, learn how to use the new digital tools and assess the user satisfaction (employees and customers).

In parallel, and because digital transformation leads to an in-depth transformation of the companies, we support cultural, organizational and managerial changes in your organization.

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