• Hardis Group’s consolidated revenue was 19.6% higher than in 2022, with organic growth making a 12-percentage-point contribution to this increase. Buoyant business outside France and the development of data and public-cloud offerings were among the factors behind growth at twice the market-average rate.
  • The acquisition of Sislog in March 2023 saw Hardis Group take number-one spot in the Spanish warehouse management software market and consolidate its number-three position in Europe. In 2023, sales of the SaaS version of Reflex WMS jumped by 175%, with the software now available in Google Cloud.
  • Cloudity, the Group’s Salesforce integration subsidiary, recorded revenue growth of 60%, with organic growth contributing 13 percentage points of this total.


Grenoble, March 14, 2024 – Hardis Group, a consulting and IT services company, Salesforce pure player, and logistics software publisher, announces that it achieved €186.6 million in consolidated revenue in 2023, up from €156 million in 2022. The Group now employees 1,700 people, with 260 of its employees located outside France. In 2024, Hardis Group is targeting organic growth of 10%, will add 380 new hires to its workforce, and will celebrate 40 years of profitable growth.

Growth across all business lines in 2023

In 2023, Hardis Group achieved revenue growth across its three major business lines: IT services (14%), Salesforce integration (60%), and logistics execution software (16%).
A detailed breakdown for the Group’s IT services business line is given below:
  • The strongest growth figures were recorded in consulting and software integration for insurance and complementary health insurance firms (26%), and in cloud hosting (17%). 
  • The Group’s application development and integration business unit posted revenue growth of 14%. 
  • Revenue from the Group’s digital transformation consulting activities remained unchanged year on year.
Turning to the Group’s logistics software business line, sales of the SaaS version of Reflex WMS jumped by 175% in 2023. Also last year, Reflex launched in Google Cloud, and the Group’s subsidiaries outside France—in the Netherlands, Spain, and Poland—achieved growth of 63%.
“We are seeing strong growth in the areas we have identified as priorities in our new strategic plan: public cloud (Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure), data (especially with Talend and Snowflake), and multi-country deployments of Reflex WMS and Salesforce,” said Nicolas Odet, President of Hardis Group.

Passing the €200 million mark in 2024

Despite an uncertain economic and geopolitical environment, Hardis Group’s management is targeting 10% organic growth in 2024. Highlights of the year are expected to include:
  • Even stronger growth in the Group’s logistics software business outside France, buoyed by new partnerships with integrators capable of deploying Reflex around the world. “We will make further acquisitions and we are also exploring the option of opening a new subsidiary in the United States,” said Odet.
  • Growth in the Group’s Salesforce integration business, driven in part by international projects.
  • Further synergies between the Group’s IT services units (consulting, application development and integration, and cloud), with this business line now spearheaded by David Vacca, who was appointed to the new role of Director of Services at end-2023. 
  • The roll-out of new offerings, with a particular emphasis on AI and security.
“2024 is the first year of our new three-year strategic plan, through which we are aiming to consolidate our leading position across our various business lines, including by moving into new countries, by expanding our data, AI, and security offerings, and by making targeted acquisitions,” said Yvan Coutaz, Managing Director of Hardis Group.
To help it achieve these goals, Hardis Group will add 380 new hires to its workforce and continue investing in developing its employees’ hard and soft skills. “Some 300 employees received training in software eco-design and digital accessibility in 2023,” said Coutaz. “In 2024, we will continue building our employees’ digital responsibility skills and develop new training modules on generative AI, automation, and cybersecurity.”
“Our 2023 results are testament to our dedicated, ambitious people” said Odet. “We look forward to celebrating the Group’s 40th anniversary with them in June 2024.”