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21/03/2018 - 2017 annual results: Hardis Group reports growth of 19%

The company posted turnover for 2017 of €99.1 million, up 19% on 2016, surpassing the objectives of its three-year plan, which will be complete at the end of 2018, a year ahead of schedule. Operating income jumped 9% to €7.2 million. The workforce increased by 20% in a year. In the space of five years, turnover has grown by 81% and the number of employees has increased by 64%.

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28/02/2018 - Hardis Group is reorganizing to expand its cloud services

The digital services company is creating a fifth strategic business area dedicated to turnkey cloud component integration and "Cloud-Native" application development. It is also offering new public and hybrid cloud hosting and consulting services. This new step enables it to offer customers increased agility for their digital transformation and to accelerate the design of new high value-added di...

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22/11/2017 - What will the logistics warehouse look like a few years from now?

Which technologies will be heavily integrated into warehouses in the future? Some trends are already taking shape such as robotization, automation, artificial intelligence and connected warehouses. It is, however, difficult to imagine that all warehouses will look alike in the future due to the diverse range and ever-changing specific requirements in each sector, types of logistics flows and cu...

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