• Hardis Group, the European number-three in logistics execution solutions, acquires a majority stake in Hardis Italia, a longstanding integrator partner for its Reflex software suite. 
  • The deal, which sees the creation of a new subsidiary, is the latest milestone in the company’s strategy of accelerated international expansion, with a particular focus on Europe. 
  • Hardis Italia will be led by a two-person team comprising a Chief Operating Officer and a Chief Commercial Officer. 
  • Hardis Group is targeting a threefold increase in sales and is aiming to double its workforce in Italy over the next two years, in particular by tapping into the buoyant luxury goods and e-commerce market.  


Grenoble, Milan, April 23th, 2024 – Hardis Group, a French consulting and IT services company, Salesforce pure player, and logistics software publisher, announces that it has acquired a majority stake in Hardis Italia, an integrator partner for its Reflex software suite founded in 1995. The deal, which is fully aligned with Hardis Group’s international expansion strategy, sees the creation of a new Italian subsidiary based in Milan. It follows similar moves in Spain (2017), the Netherlands (2018), and Poland (2021).

Italy: an extremely buoyant market 

The analyst firm Gartner has recognized Hardis Group as one of the major WMS vendors in Europe for its Reflex WMS software. Its Reflex business unit, which publishes logistics management software in SaaS mode, serves over 450 customers in 25 countries.  

Hardis Group has opted to open a new subsidiary in Italy on account of buoyant business conditions in the country, especially in the process digitization and e-commerce segments. It is also aiming to build on Hardis Italia’s solid foundations, including its team of Reflex-trained logistics experts offering an end-to-end local service (consulting, development, and support), as well as its established base of major customers across various sectors including manufacturing, luxury goods, and logistics services. The move aligns with Hardis Group’s triple objective of offering local support to Italian enterprise users of its Reflex suite, supporting its international customers with multi-country deployments of its applications, and winning new business.  

“We are targeting a threefold increase in sales in Italy over the next two years,” said Nicolas Odet, President of Hardis Group. “We can build on strong foundations, an expert team, and an established customer base across sectors such as luxury goods, fashion, retail, logistics services, and agrifood.”

Leadership team and new hires at Hardis Italia 

Hardis Group Italia will be led by a two-person team: 

  • Luca Proietto will serve as Chief Operating Officer. His key duties will be to grow the business, to oversee the service teams charged with deploying the Reflex logistics management software suite, and to ensure that the subsidiary delivers on its customer promise. Proietto has over 10 years’ experience with Hardis Group, having previously served in roles including program director and consultant team leader. 
  • Filippo Ratti will serve as Chief Commercial Officer. He has also been with Hardis Group for more than 10 years. He will be tasked with implementing the Group’s Reflex commercial and marketing strategy in Italy in order to achieve ambitious growth targets. 

“Hardis Italia and Hardis Group share a long and successful history,” said Achille Sordi, founder of Hardis Italia. “I set up the company in 1995 to bring our partner’s software solutions to the Italian market. This new phase is a natural step forward, signaling ambitious and exciting times ahead for Hardis Italia, Reflex, and our teams.” 

Hardis Italia will double its workforce over the next two years to support its growth. The company, which currently employs around 15 people, is actively seeking technical and functional consultants, project managers, developers, and a head of marketing. 


Reflex (logistics execution software unit): key dates 

1984: Creation of Hardis Group 
1994: Launch of Reflex WMS (warehouse management system)  
2008: Initial partnerships with integrator partners  
2011: Reflex WMS available in SaaS mode 
2015: Invention of Eyesee (drone-based inventory solution) 
2017: Opening of a subsidiary in Spain 
2017: Launch of Reflex In-Store Logistics (logistics management software for retail outlets) 
2018: Opening of a subsidiary in the Netherlands, serving the Benelux region 
2020: Launch of Reflex WMS for Factory (logistics management software for factories) 
2021: Opening of a subsidiary in Poland 
2023: Acquisition of Sislog (warehouse management system publisher), becoming the number-one WMS publisher in the Spanish market 
2023: Reflex available in SaaS mode on Google Cloud 
2023: Launch of Reflex Visibility (collaborative supply chain management platform) 
2024: Opening of a subsidiary in Italy following the acquisition of a majority stake in Hardis Italia, a longstanding integrator partner since 1995