APRR, a subsidiary of Eiffage, is the second-largest highway operator in France and the fourth-largest in Europe. The company finances, builds, maintains, and manages highway and toll infrastructure under concessions from the French government (the APRR and AREA networks).

The project at a glance

In 2020, APRR launched a new plan with a view to improving its data governance. Hardis Group helped the concession-holder’s IT department make key decisions, implement the necessary tools, and align its operations with best practices. The work performed ranged from drawing up a data governance roadmap, fostering a data governance culture internally, and deploying a data exchange platform and data catalog, through to providing owner assistance for certain projects.


« “We’ve built a fully-fledged partnership with Hardis Group’s team. With our data governance roadmap now in place, we’re continuing to work together on rolling out the underlying technology platform and implementing governance procedures to help us extract maximum value from our data. »  

Frédéric DECKER, Engineering and Data Architecture Manager, APRR

Project objectives

  • Break down data silos and scale up data life-cycle processes
  • Draw up a four-year roadmap for data governance and management
  • Determine the necessary organizational arrangements
  • Foster a data governance culture internally and train employees
  • Identify and roll out the relevant tools
  • Prepare a catalog of data-related services for easy, reliable use by front-line employees

Work performed

  • Drew up a crosscutting data governance roadmap
  • Helped translate the roadmap into actionable measures: implementing organizational and technology changes, fostering cultural change and providing training, producing communication materials, etc.
  • Supported the customer in choosing the right tools and rolling out a data exchange platform
  • Overhauled the decision-making chain
  • Built a structured data catalog
  • Provided “data best practices” support for certain projects
  • Acted as the project owner for the launch of data repositories


  • Comprehensive visibility of the information system and data that can be exploited
  • Data pulled together in a single, central exchange platform
  • Employees trained on data-related subjects
  • Higher-quality data available, and data updated automatically
  • Customer able to extract maximum value from its data, helping it operate its highway networks more efficiently and develop new services
  • Customer able to prepare for the end of its concession (differentiating between data to be returned to the government, and data belonging to the concession-holder)

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