With new technologies like RFID, machine learning, predictive software and robots, the era of supply chain 4.0 is upon us. At Hardis Group, we help you turn your supply chain into a competitive edge, enrich your client experience, boost your operational efficiency, and deploy the very latest innovations to drive performance.

Turning your supply chain into a competitive edge

We help you rethink your supply chain strategy to keep pace with market demand, your positioning, your competitors’ positioning, and your assets. Your organization’s product and service strategy, and your ability to deliver on your client promise and keep your logistics costs down, are all key considerations in deciding precisely what resources you need to allocate.

Examples of our work: 

  • Developing a supply chain 4.0 vision, or how to harness SCM to deliver on the client promise. 
  • Improving SCM performance through innovation (blockchain, machine learning, VR, IA, RPE, IoT, mechanization/robots).
  • Overhauling the inventory policy and the procurement or distribution master plan.
  • Rethinking the logistics IT master plan and helping to choose the right solutions.
  • Developing business cases and costing potential savings. 

Achieving operational excellence and boosting logistics performance

Our consultants will help you optimize your operations. We will analyze your activities, identify where logistics performance can be improved, work with you to draw up a costed savings roadmap, and help you deploy it to achieve those savings.


Examples of our work: 

  • Assessing supply chain, distribution or warehouse performance. 

  • Optimizing operation management, improving service and response rates. 

  • Helping clients choose the right solutions (APS, OMS, TMS, WMS, WCS, predictive software, simulation, etc.).

  • Pre-assessing and implementing warehouse automation, mechanization and robot systems.

Supporting logistics IT projects

We help you innovate and make your transformations a success by securing employee buy-in—so you achieve the service or productivity gains you expect. Because we understand logistics stakeholders and challenges, and because we are experts in logistics tools and information systems, we can ensure your deployment is a success.


Examples of our work: 

  • Overhauling how warehouses or logistics operations are organized (e.g. outsourcing or offshoring e-commerce logistics).

  • Managing and deploying IT solutions (T&T, WMS, OMS, TMS, APS, etc.).

  • Managing POCs or innovative projects (blockchain, machine learning, IA, RPA, IoT, robots, etc.).

  • Reflex project owner support (project support, go-live assistance and change buy-in).