Time and cost reductions when deploying IT platforms and infrastructures, industrialization of application lifecycle management processes, pay-per-use billing, agility and faster time-to-market: the Cloud is a cornerstone of digital transformation. Hardis Group helps you to implement a Cloud strategy tailored to your existing system, projects and service continuity and security requirements.

Cloud solutions tailored to your needs and projects

Hardis Group consultants help you to define and deploy customized Cloud solutions according to:

  • Availability, performance, security and data protection levels required for each application or digital service.
  • The characteristics of your execution environments: databases, OS, application servers, etc.
  • The type of projects: prototype or minimum viable product testing, development of web or mobile services, business application hosting and/or facilities management, data intelligence, etc.
  • Your development and release methodologies: V or Y cycles, agile Scrum method, extreme programming, DevOps, Lean Startup, etc.

Our Private Cloud and Public Cloud offerings

Our multi-disciplinary teams (made up of technical consultants, project managers, service delivery manager, security experts, etc.) help you to deploy and operate a Cloud solution tailored to your needs.

  • Private Cloud: three data centers hosted in France (sovereign cloud)
    A data center near Paris and two near Lyon with a secure ultra high-speed connection (black fiber).
    The allocated infrastructures and platforms are fully dedicated to your company and connected to your IS via a VPN.
  • Public cloud: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services 


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A multi-technology tool-based Cloud offering

Accessible from a web portal, Hardis Group's Cloud offering allows your IS departments (or service providers) to configure and implement customized configurable environments that are ready to use according to your requirements within a matter of minutes:

  • Catalog of services covering all service layers: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Different execution environments are supported: hypervisors, operating systems, databases, middleware, etc.
  • Tools for managing your environments and projects: collaborative tools, development frameworks, supervision, testing, application deployment automation, backup and version, configuration, ticket, security and user rights management, etc.

You have a Cloud project? Please contact us!

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