Harmonie Mutuelle


Banking, insurance


Harmonie Mutuelle, France’s leading mutual health and personal insurance company and part of the VYV Group, covers more than 4.6 million people.

The project at a glance

Harmonie Mutuelle uses an increasing number of management services providers to develop its additional group health and life insurance activities. The mutual insurance company contacted DXC Technology and its integrator partner Hardis Group to implement a solution to coordinate its management services activities and ensure their delivery in accordance with contractual commitments and applicable regulations and standards.


Project objectives

Manage outsourced group contract portfolios 

  • Automate data transfers and exchanges (contracts, contributions, services, commission, etc.) with management services partners, in accordance with the PRDG standard relating to exchanges between risk bearers and management services providers
  • Make data exchanges with management services providers simpler and more reliable to reduce processing time and improve management processes 
  • Check that the outsourced contracts are managed in accordance with outsourcing agreements and applicable regulations (Solvency II Directive in particular)
  • Ensure that data flows are secure, reliable and traceable 


Work performed

  • POC and deployment of a management solution for management services activities 
  • Implementation of business process controls and status reports to facilitate the management of outsourced contract portfolios



  • Turnkey platform (SaaS) provided to management services providers to automate exchanges 
  • Automated data flow control and management for outsourced contracts
  • Standardized flows and exchanges with management services providers
  • A solution which is able to manage PRDG-compliant and proprietary flows
  • Increased control of operational and regulatory risks


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