Founded in 1978, ISERBA (Inter SERvice BAtiment) is a family business specializing in multi-service maintenance for housing.

The project at a glance

As part of a data hub roll-out project, ISERBA called in Hardis Group’s Cloud Operations team to familiarize its employees with public cloud-related concepts, to design and implement the entire Google Cloud Platform infrastructure needed to host the hub, to deploy the data hub application, and to deliver training to the IT department on this new environment.

Hardis Group provided expert advice and an outside perspective on the technical choices for this mission-critical project. The support our teams received was a key factor in securing user buy-in and uptake.” Arnaud Percie du Sert, CIO, ISERBA

Project objectives

  • To help ISERBA select a public cloud platform for its data hub
  • To build the first application based on this data hub
  • To train ISERBA employees in using the new platform


Work performed

  • Designing and implementing the overall environment, based on Cloud Identity and Cloud Platform and in line with security best practices, and using an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach.
  • Designing and deploying the first application, using BigQuery as the backbone of the data hub and Data Studio for data exploration.
  • Integrating data through Cloud Storage, Cloud Function and BigQuery jobs



  • Google Cloud Platform was selected and instantiated, and the first business application was designed and deployed, all in less than three months.

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