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Vivendi is a global leader in culture, entertainment, media, and communications. Vivendi SE, its parent company, primarily handles financial matters (cash management, consolidation and publication of financial results, tax filing, M&A, communications, and investor relations). It employs 220 people in Paris and New York.

The project at a glance

Vivendi SE decided to migrate its entire IT system to the Microsoft Azure public cloud. The company wanted to build the resilience of its system to major issues and incidents by setting up an external backup and a DRP, hosted in a private cloud in France and managed by a French operator.

Following a tender process, Vivendi SE chose Hardis Group on account of its expertise in Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud environments, and for its ability to meet the service level requirements for post-incident recovery, data protection, and public cloud/private cloud reversibility.

“We chose Hardis Group because of their in-depth understanding of DRPs in hybrid cloud environments and their promise of a simple, fast, and sovereign DRP in the event of a major issue.”

Stéphane Renaud, CIO, Vivendi SE

Project objectives

  • Outsource backup and DRP management to an external partner
  • Maintain an immutable copy of Vivendi SE’s data in France
  • Deploy a hybrid-environment backup and DRP solution
  • Optimize and control storage and network bandwidth costs
  • Guarantee the protection and integrity of backed-up data

Work performed

  • Deploy the backup environment and the DRP
  • Perform backups, restores, and annual DRP tests
  • Operate, monitor, and safeguard backups and the DRP



  • Rapid data recovery in the event of a major problem
  • Scalable, robust solution capable of supporting IT system changes
  • Optimized network bandwidth and backup storage
  • Public cloud/private cloud reversibility

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