Confirming the close ties formed over time between the two institutions around shared values, this new partnership reinforces their collaboration in the fields of strategy, technology and management. It is also the occasion for the two partners to jointly develop the subjects they share, at both national and European level.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and business software publisher, and Grenoble School of Management (GEM), which was founded by the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry and specializes in technology management, announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement, thus strengthening their long-standing ties. Objective: to consolidate their respective positioning in the market for technology in general and service digitization engineering in particular.

GEM and Hardis Group: strong and long-standing ties

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Over the years Hardis Group and Grenoble School of Management have forged string links, as notably demonstrated by the presence of Christian Balmain, founder of Hardis Group, on the School's Governing Council, as well as by the partnerships structured around the "BADGE" (a professional post-graduate course) in Service Culture & Engineering and the specialized master degrees in Digital Strategy and Big Data of the EMSI (Information Systems School of Management).

With the signing of this agreement, Hardis Group and GEM signal their determination to strengthen their collaboration. Hardis Group wishes to be able to have part of its development supported by an internationally renowned academic partner, to recruit new talent and accelerate the growth of its business outside France. For its part, Grenoble School of Management, in line with its identity - technology management, innovation and entrepreneurship - and its strategy of alliances, aims to become a “School for Business and Society”. This partnership with Hardis Group reflects its objective of being close to both the business and the wider society of Grenoble.

Valorizing their expertise through specific actions

In the framework of this partnership, Hardis Group and GEM will jointly develop ongoing training courses conferring diplomas or even degrees, both classroom-based and online (e-book on the industrialization of services, launch of an MOOC in the fall of 2015), in the field of engineering and digitization of business services. The "BADGE" in Service Culture & Engineering and the specialist master degrees of the EMSI will be the first training courses to benefit from this agreement.

The partnership also aims to enable Hardis Group and GEM to strengthen their respective capabilities in research and development. Various projects are involved, notably the publication of scientific and management articles, and the publication of an e-book on the service culture.

Lastly, the two partners plan to share and tackle some elements of their strategies in order to accelerate their development. And they also aspire jointly to disseminate the subjects they share, first in France and then Europe-wide.


Hardis Group signs partnership agreement with Grenoble School of Management