Manufacturers: transform your operations with services and digital technology

With connected devices and sensors, robotization, connected supply chain and geolocation, digitization is in full swing in industry. Our experts help to transform your business model and processes with services and digital technology.

Innovation and digital services to improve production

Backed by its expertise in integrating solutions and technological components, Hardis Group helps you to optimize your processes and industrial production through digital:

  • Digital, cloud, mobility: improve productivity by digitizing your business and operational processes
  • Robotics: automate your manufacturing and logistics processes
  • Geolocation and RFID: enhance traceability and security
  • Smart data: anticipate maintenance operations on your production line
  • Machine learning: automate incident correction and automatically allocate resources
  • Connected devices and sensors: reduce the energy footprint of the whole production line (upstream/downstream)
  • Cybersecurity: make your assets and digital ecosystem secure 

Transform your business model through services

In a complex and competitive business environment, it is not enough for production to be fast and efficient. Our multi-disciplinary teams help you to offer more services and added value relating to your products, equipment and connected devices. They help you to:

  • Imagine, prototype, market, develop and operate new digital services relating to your products
  • Have a 360° view of your customers, suppliers, distributors and integrators so you can hear their opinions, anticipate their needs and/or co-design the solutions and services of the future with them
  • Deliver the right product in the right place at the right time in a now omni-channel context
  • Analyze the data produced to assess and measure the ROI of the digital services associated with your products

Unique expertise: the energy sector

Hardis Group's teams have over 20 years' experience working with international and national energy companies such as Schneider Electric, Areva, ERDF and GEG. They help them to transition to services and digital:

  • Redefinition and optimization of internal processes and with the ecosystem of partners
  • Creation of value-added services relating to equipment (sensors, meters, boxes, etc.)
  • Exploitation and analysis of data from this equipment: energy efficiency management, optimization of energy production forecasts, anticipation and automation of maintenance operations, etc.