Logistics and transport providers: business development and differentiation

Closely associated with the business development of their clients in France and abroad, logistics providers and carriers must meet the dual challenge of increased productivity and efficiency. We help you set up agile and efficient supply chain processes, to help retain customers and attract new ones.

Optimizing logistics processes and generating business value

With our experience in the management of logistics flows, we are building vertical core models with logistics providers dedicated to the various businesses of their customers (luxury goods, ready-to-wear, DIY, cosmetics, medicine, food, etc.) and based on our Reflex WMS solution. This approach allows us to:

  • Respond appropriately to the specific features of your customers' activities 
  • Speed up implementation of the logistics processes of your new customers
  • Improve your productivity by standardizing key processes
  • Combine value creation and cost reduction, even in cross-channel contexts

Building an effective cross-channel and international transport strategy

To speed up your national and international deployment, we design transportation management solutions for the various transport professions (batch, messaging, tanker, bulk, etc.). Our goal is to enable you to:

  • Improve the performance of transport and the value perceived by your customers
  • Reduce transportation costs: intelligent grouping, route optimization, predictive analytics, etc.
  • Compare and control the costs of transportation according to customer, goods transported and areas covered

Managing and optimizing the performance of your transportation and logistics services

In addition to our Reflex solutions, our logistics and transportation expert consultants are available to:

  • Innovate together to improve perceived quality and value that you deliver to your customers
  • Implement the predictive analytics tools of your data (Smart Data) to anticipate your activity and adapt your organization when the time is right
  • Develop accesses in mobility situations to the logistics information system: management of the warehouse, business indicators (KPI)
  • Rethink the use of embedded terminals by capitalizing on the widespread use of smartphones
  • Have overall control of orders and stocks in omni-channel contexts through the solution of our partner IBM Order Management.

Fitting to your development and changes in your load

To carry out specific developments around our Reflex solutions, we provide you with dedicated or shared service centers, which capitalize on the methodologies and tools used for over 10 years in our SSII activity. You benefit from special access to our experts and logistics consultants, our IT project management teams and our design and development engineers. The way we works and our reactivity levels are tailored to your needs.

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