In-store inventory management and sales support

With our tablet-based solution, sales advisors can see real-time inventory level and restocking information, quickly locate products, and manage online orders and returns. Reflex In-Store Logistics enhances the customer experience, saves you time, and frees up your sales advisors to focus on what they do best.

A tablet-based solution to enhance the customer experience

Reflex In-Store Logistics makes a real difference when it comes to the customer experience in store. No matter where in the store they are located, your sales advisors can:

  • Give customers accurate inventory information (sales area, storeroom and restocking)
  • Quickly locate products in the sales area and storeroom
  • Promptly view and prepare orders and reservations placed via the e-commerce website
  • Manage returned items and get them back on the shelf quickly

Real time complete visibility of inventory

No matter where they are in the store, your sales advisors can use their tablet to view real-time sales area and storeroom inventory information, see restocking volumes and lead times, and get warnings if a product is out of stock. As a result, your advisors can find solutions quickly, such as requesting replenishments, offering an alternative product, or finding another store where the item is in stock.

Store performance

Reflex In-Store Logistics displays all orders and reservations placed via the e-commerce website, prioritizing them according to urgency (collection or delivery in 1 or 2 hours, or longer). Our solution lets you efficiently manage ship-from-store operations, while the integrated reporting module makes it easier to manage store performance, covering metrics such as stock-out rate, order preparation service rate, and employee performance.

An in-store solution that works with your existing tools

As with all Reflex range solutions, In-Store Logistics interfaces with the whole of your information system for end-to-end management of your sales and omnichannel flows: ERP, e-commerce platform, checkout and store management software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS).

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