IT Advisory: supporting IS department and IS transformation

In the "new" digital paradigm, the IS department is expected to support the company's strategic differentiation projects or even propose innovative projects, but it also needs to continue to industrialize and manage technical debt... at the same time as managing its budget resources. Our IT consultancy helps IS departments to meet these challenges on a strategic (business model), organizational (HR, working methods) and technological (IS transformation) level.

Transforming the IS department's business model

Digitization means the IS department's whole business model needs to be transformed:

  • Governance model: emergence of the CDO, disintermediation of the relationship between specifier and developer, "rogue IT"
  • Operational model: necessary shortening of manufacturing times, renewal of the methodological base, influence of startup culture
  • Economic model: need for room to maneuver to finance innovation projects, consumption of services billed according to use
  • Competency model: revaluing of the developer, challenge of attracting and securing the loyalty of certain profiles in the face of multi-faceted competition

IS department transformation

We help IS and business departments to set up a collaborative and effective relationship. We also help the IS department with its projects to improve operating efficiency and to adapt all the elements of its business model:

  • Industrialization: IS department's service catalogue, lean IT – cost control, optimization of purchases, status reports/performance management, IT service management, certification-quality
  • Innovation: digital governance and organization, bi-modal IS department (Agile, Lean Startup, DevOps, etc.), IT talent management, cloud and infrastructures expertise, IS security and data intelligence (data management, use and monetization opportunities, architecture) 

IS Transformation

We help IS and business departments to assess strategic and technological challenges, incorporate them into a multi-year roadmap and a project portfolio and manage the implementation of these projects in accordance with budget and time constraints:

  • IS assessment and creation of framework plans/IT master plans 
  • Business architecture and urbanization consulting
  • Help with choosing a solution, whether in SaaS or on-premises mode
  • PMO and project portfolio management
  • Project owner support: scoping studies, specifications, validation, support
  • Project audit and recovery plan, project management

Our strengths

  • In-depth knowledge of business and IT challenges in our main sectors: insurance, banking, distribution, logistics, industry, energy and the public sector
  • The ability to put our highly specialized technical expertise to use throughout the group
  • Adoption of best practices repositories: ITIL, ISO 20000, 27005 (security), 31000 (risk management), PMI, PMP