Modernization and transformation of AS/400 applications

Your information system and applications are in an AS/400 (iSeries, System i, IBM i) environment or were developed on Adelia iSeries. The information system meets your business requirements perfectly but is not adapted to new digital usage. Hardis Group offers 3 approaches for modernizing and transforming your IS.

SOA transformation: modularize your AS/400 applications for new digital usage

Your AS/400 back office is sound and meets your business requirements but cannot be exposed on mobile applications. SOA transformation consists in:

  • Rearranging your AS/400 application into business modules
  • Exposing these modules as Web ServicesIntegrating these Web Services into mobile or tablet Web applications (all technologies)
  • Benefits: business sustainability, SOA architecture, full web HMI and recent technologies
  • Our opinion: a long-term solution requiring functional intervention
  • Examples of screens for which the back office is based on an AS/400 system

Automating the migration of Adelia iSeries to Adelia Web or Adelia Cloud

Adelia, Hardis Group's development platform, now has embedded functionality for changing the structure of your AS/400 applications:

  • Generation of Java code instead of RPG
  • Transformation of 5250 screens to web screens (HTML and CSS)
  • Migration from client/server mode to cloud mode

These semi-automated migrations can be carried out by simply copying and pasting from the latest versions of Adelia.

  • Benefits: no functional changes, automation of migration to full web HMI
  • Our opinion: no code transformation (modular structure), no proprietary infrastructure

Revamp and modernization of AS/400 screens

Revamping gives 5250 screens the look of Web screens without any functional or technical transformation.

  • Benefits: simple, fast, immediate web look
  • Our opinion: no code transformation (modular structure), limited screen webization
  • Type of tools: Hats, Convertigo, Chrysalid