Developing iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps

Mobile Web application, hybrid mobile application, native mobile application? No solution is on the face of it better than another: each has advantages and disadvantages. Hardis Group helps you with your mobile development strategy by guiding you towards the technological solutions which are the most suited to your objectives, requirements and budget, technical and time constraints.

Development of native, web and hybrid mobile applications

Our multi-disciplinary teams have over 10 years' experience in mobile development. They help you at every stage of your mobile application projects for smartphones, tablets and touchscreen devices:

  • Definition of required services and uses
  • Targeting of mobile systems (iOS, Android, Windows) according to objectives
  • Functions to embed into the device: camera, video camera, indoor or outdoor geolocation, microphone, e-mail, storage, etc.
  • Choice of development technologies (native, code pooling, HTML5, etc.).
  • Integrate mobile applications with your information system
  • Back-end architecture for your mobile applications
  • Design of user interfaces (UX and UI Design) and browsing principles
  • Development of the mobile application, unit tests (TDD)
  • Digital testing: ergonomics, browsing, performance according to network connectivity, synchronization and data security, etc.
  • Publication in public or private stores

Our strength: expertise in the latest mobile development technology tools

In addition to the expertise acquired during numerous projects, our teams receive training and constantly monitor the tools and technologies in the market. They are able to support you whatever your project:

  • Multi-platform mobile development: IBM Mobile First, Titanium, Xamarin or Cordova / PhoneGap
  • Web App: HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, DoJo
  • Native applications: Objective-C for iOS, Java and XML for Android, C/C++ or Java for Blackberry OS and C#/VB.Net or .Net4.5 for Windows Mobile
  • Developments (games, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D): Advergame, Unity 3D

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