Design and development of business Web applications

Do you have a business process automation and dematerialization project, an application modernization and streamlining project or a new digital services development project? Hardis Group helps you to design, develop and integrate tailor-made Web applications or new Web services for your employees, partners or customers, and also to make the most of your existing information system.

Methodology and tools tailored to digitization challenges

In this age of digitization, monolithic applications have become a thing of the past. As business departments need to access and rapidly upgrade applications without sacrificing quality, reliability and security, we opt for:

  • Project development using agile methods
  • Continuous integration and deployment DevOps tools
  • Microservices and component-oriented application architectures
  • Hosting of development, pre-production and/or production platforms on a private, hybrid or public cloud

Microservices for better scalability and agility

In a microservices architecture, each service is autonomous and independent with a specific function, increasing scalability and agility. We develop and deploy the basic functions of the web application then enrich them by replacing a service or adding other services. This web development approach makes it possible to:

  • Upgrade your applications in an iterative and selective way
  • Reuse some components from one application in others
  • Reduce integration and release times as well as total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Open up your IS by exposing these new components in the form of REST and SOAP services
  • Produce customized graphical interfaces which are tailored to the various requirements

But we are not reinventing the wheel! We make maximum use of existing back offices which have proven their worth in terms of value creation for the businesses, robustness and durability to develop these new web services.

Component-oriented "cloud-ready" architectures

The different services can be hosted and secured on different platforms, which helps to improve:

  • Global use of IT infrastructures: internal or PaaS resources (Azure, Amazon, Heroku, Bluemix, Google App Engine)
  • Distribution of computing power to process data, the volume of which is exponential
  • Fault tolerance: if a service has a fault, the application can operate in degraded mode

We help you to study, design and develop your component-oriented platform.

UX: productivity, ergonomics and responsive design

We develop applications that are designed to improve your employees' productivity and user experience. The interfaces are designed to meet new Web design standards and respond to changes in use and users' expectations: screen customization, display of pages according to the screen size of devices used (Responsive Web Design).

Multi-skill service centers based in France

Project managers, front- and back-office developers, designers, architects, IT planners, systems and networks administrators, application testing specialists and so on: our multi-disciplinary teams, based in Grenoble, Lyon, Paris and Nantes provide you with end-to-end support when designing, developing and integrating your Web business applications.

They have expertise in the following technologies:

  • Responsive Web Design: Bootstrap, Foundation
  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Less, Sass
  • Platforms and framework: JavaScript (AngularJS 1&2, Node.js), Java (JEE, Hibernate, Spring, JSF), PHP (Symfony, Zend), .Net (VB, C#, MVC, Universal Platform), etc.
  • CMS and portals: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Liferay, Jahia, Jalios
  • Continuous integration platform including several tools (Maven, Bamboo, Sonar, JIRA, Git, Subversion, etc.)
  • Microservices: Node.js, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud