This new partnership gives the Reflex WMS warehouse management software developer and integrator an expended catalog of partner order-picking and preparation automation solutions.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and software publisher, has signed a partnership agreement with Scallog, a French firm that has developed a "goods-to-man" order-picking automation solution using mobile robots.

Scallog Workstation

Scallog was founded in 2013. The company designs and sells an automated order-picking system. Items are stored on shelves that can be customized to reflect the company's needs. Robots then travel around the warehouse, following a predefined route, to collect the shelves and transport them to pickers located at specially designed workstations. The robots can be deployed on a gradual basis, and their routes optimized as required. The solution therefore offers greater flexibility and agility than traditional mechanization systems.

When used in combination with Hardis Group's Reflex WMS warehouse management software, Scallog's "goods-to-man" system helps to reduce the distance traveled by operators while boosting productivity.

"This new partnership with Hardis Group is the latest phase in our growth, and shows that we are on the right track with our innovative approach," explained Olivier Rochet, Scallog's founder and CEO. "Our shared customers can now enjoy the combined benefits of both solutions, helping them optimize their logistics processes."


"Through our partnership with Scallog, our customers now have access to an innovative, flexible and efficient order-picking automation solution," added Jean-Yves Costa, Hardis Group Logistics Solutions Deputy Director.

Scallog robots

About Scallog

Scallog designs and sells a "goods-to-man" solution that automates the order-picking and inventory processes at warehouses and distribution platforms. The solution is based on a fleet of robots, which transport the shelves containing the relevant items to picking and restocking stations, thereby avoiding the need for pickers to move around the warehouse. The technology can be deployed quickly and provides instant efficiency and scalability benefits to logistics warehouses.

Scallog was founded in 2013 by Olivier Rochet and now employs a team of around 15 engineers. The company has received several awards, including the innovation award at SITL 2014, and the "Rois de la Supply Chain" (Kings of Supply Chain) prize in 2015, along with L’Oréal Paris and BSL (Bretagne Services Logistiques).

Logistics: Hardis Group signs a partnership agreement with mobile order-picking robot manufacturer Scallog