The offering ranges from supply chain digitization consulting, to reap the full benefit of technology drivers, through to the design and deployment of new digital services. It is the latest addition to the portfolio of solutions Hardis Group offers logistics departments to make the supply chain a competitive advantage.

Hardis Group has expanded its portfolio of solutions for improving logistics performance, service quality and agility by leveraging technology. The company has introduced a supply chain digitization and innovation consulting offering alongside its Reflex logistics management software suite and Eyesee drone inventory solution.

Digital supply chain: end-to-end support

With its new offering, Hardis Group's aim is to help companies harness the potential of innovative technologies to create more value in the supply chain. Logistics departments are provided with strategic, organizational, operational and technological support. This ranges from defining the supply chain strategy through to designing and deploying new digital services, assessing logistics performance and identifying areas for improvement (organization, processes, flows, etc.) and technology drivers which are able to create value in terms of customer experience and satisfaction, logistics performance, service quality and agility, etc. It also includes a strong change management element, as this is a key factor in ensuring the success of this type of transformation project.

"We intend to become the key partner of logistics departments for all aspects of supply chain innovation and digital transformation. With our ecosystem of partners, we are one of the few players in the market to possess all the expertise required to offer this type of support: business consulting, innovation consulting, digital services development and third-party maintenance, software publishing and integration and management of cloud-hosted software solutions", explains Hardis Group CEO Yvan Coutaz.

Innovation and value creation through digitization

Through this new offering, Hardis Group intends to accelerate the digital transformation of the supply chain by helping businesses to identify and deploy technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, RPA, connected devices, robots, drones, blockchain, virtual reality, visual recognition, etc.) with the highest value-creation potential. These will vary according to objectives such as improving planning, real-time scheduling, increasing traceability, anticipating incidents and non-compliance and facilitating management and decision making. "We identify the technology drivers and use cases which are able to improve logistics performance in a concrete way. We then work with our clients to design new digital services which are tailored to their situation and business challenges", says Nicolas Gallée, Business Consulting Manager at Hardis Group.