The combination of both companies' technologies will enable the originators to manage their dispatches in real time and to measure the quality of service provided by the carriers to the customer.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and software publisher, signs a partnership with Shippeo, a web-based and mobile platform for real-time transport and delivery tracking. Objective: enable the originators to have access to all data in order to improve the quality of service provided to the customer.

80% of the originators consider that the real-time information they get from their chartered transport flows is not reliable and therefore, they are unable to inform their customers about a possible delay or to measure the quality level of their carriers. Given this observation, Shippeo's start-up has developed a platform for transport operational tracking in SaaS mode, designed for both shippers and carriers. The solution includes a web interface to create and manage the dispatches in just a few clicks and a mobile application which allows the delivery drivers to give some real-time information about the delivery status.

Thanks to this partnership agreement, the originators have access to a comprehensive solution offering real-time tracking of their dispatches. The transport orders transmitted from Reflex are integrated into shippeo's platform, which makes them available to the carrier. The information transmitted by the drivers through the mobile application enable the originators to have access to all useful data for an efficient dispatch tracking: goods handling ; real-time vehicle geolocation ; delivery confirmation ; setback notification ; delivery compliance. Eventually, the final customer is warned about possible delays thanks to the update of the customer relationship management tools and the originators also optimize the dispute management with their partner carriers.

About Shippeo

Shippeo, founded in 2014 by digital economy specialists and road transport experts, is an innovative company aiming at using new technologies to manage logistics and freight transport flows.

Shippeo develops a web platform and a mobile application allowing manufacturers, distributors and logistic organizers to perform a real-time transport tracking. Marketed since September 2015, this solution aspires to become the market reference tool in order to offer a comprehensive tracking at minimal cost in a simple and ergonomic solution. Shippeo also invests in R & D, by developing algorithms allowing to optimize the transport flows.

Shippeo won the people's choice award at the Supply Chain Management Gala and was ranked among the 100 most innovative start-ups in France by the EBG (Electronic Business Group) in 2015.

Hardis Group develops a partnership with Shippeo, a start-up company specialized in real-time road transport tracking