Watthealth by Hardis Group: the connected sports-health app

Watthealth is a connected BtoE (business-to-employee) sports-health app used to organize sporting challenges among teams of employees. The principle is simple: a challenge is created for voluntary participants organized into teams. Each participant has a smart wristband or watch. The team to complete the most challenges wins!

A turnkey corporate gaming solution

With Watthealth it takes just a few clicks in an admin interface to create sporting challenges for teams of employees to compete against each other. The challenges can be set up according to current sporting events or what is happening in your company.

Every day, teams compete to walk the most steps. The rules of the game can change at any time, with individual or team challenges several times a week, enabling participants to win points in addition to their number of steps.

Each participant can view their individual and team results (their own or the competing teams') using a mobile and/or smartwatch app. Competition progress can be tracked and broadcast in real time on TV (in the company reception, for example), cell phones, tablets or via a dedicated Twitter feed.

He was a serious man, he spent his time playing (Lewis Carroll)

Our Watthealth solution has several objectives and is a fun way of addressing the following concerns held by companies:

Encourage employees to partake in regular physical activity

The World Health Organisation recommends that people walk 10,000 steps (or 5 miles) a day to remain in good health. Studies have shown that French employees only walk an average of 5000 steps a day.

It was this statistic that brought about the idea of designing a BtoE solution to promote regular physical activity in a fun way.

Team building

Teams can be made up of employees from different departments or geographical locations who would not ordinarily meet or work together.

Team building is facilitated by the real-time tracking of individual and team results and a chat room in the mobile app for participants to encourage or challenge each other.

The collective approach is strengthened by challenges in which individual performance helps to achieve the team's objective.

Get employees used to using connected objects

Watthealth also aims to make connected objects more commonplace, remove obstacles relating to digital and reassure employees about how data collected by the app is used.


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