Design and integration of custom drone solutions

Whether you want to differentiate yourself from the competition with new innovative services, limit human operations on sites which are sensitive, difficult to access or not covered by GPS, or automate low value-added tasks, the sky's the limit when it comes to services drones can provide. Hardis Group helps you to co-create and integrate custom drone solutions to meet your business needs.

A specific industrial drone solution for each requirement

From defining the services provided through to exploiting the data captured by the drone, Hardis Group helps you throughout the value chain:

  • Definition of drone missions and related services
  • Technological choices
  • Production of your drone solution: prototypes, real-life testing, industrialization of the solution
  • Collection and aggregation of data captured by the on-board cameras and sensors
  • Real-time data retrieval in a unified HMI (dashboards, KPIs) for integration into your business applications
  • Subsequent exploitation and analysis of data collected by the drone

Custom drone solutions tailored to your business needs

Hardis Group's integration expertise means it can provide advice on:

  • The technological components to embed into the drone: 2D/3D camera, geolocation system, sensors (thermal, moisture, infrared, etc.), communication systems, etc.
  • The type of drone according to its work environment (hot/cold, indoor/outdoor, etc.)
  • The formalities to carry out according to regulations

Professional drones: a multitude of uses

BtoB use of drones is still in its infancy. We can support you whatever your project:

  • Industry and logistics: conducting inventories, building inspection, checking that equipment is in good working order, etc.
  • Civil engineering: inspecting structures and transport infrastructures (roads, bridges, dams, railways, etc.)
  • Security: monitoring sensitive buildings and industrial sites
  • Agriculture and environment: readings (temperature, moisture, pollution, etc.), plant or animal species surveys (biodiversity, etc.)
  • Town and country planning: topographical surveys, aerial photography, etc.


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