Our solutions and digital transformation partners

As part of providing support for our customers in their digital transformation, we have developed close relationships with major players in the digital field (start-ups, software publishers and hardware manufacturers) and consulting companies whose activities are complementary to ours.

Our software solutions partners

In the area of development and integration of software solutions, or deployment of architectures and infrastructures tailored to customers, or implementation of our cloud solutions, we have established partnerships with companies such as:

  • IT infrastructure, network and software: IBM, Dell EMC, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, Orange
  • Cloud: Amazon, IBM Bluemix
  • Security : SecludIT, Egerie
  • Agile development: Atlassian
  • Tests and acceptances: HP ALM, Perfecto Mobile
  • CRM, marketing: Salesforce
  • Insurance: CSC GraphTalk A.I.A
  • Data Intelligence: Talend, Ebiz Next
  • Indoor geolocation: Bespoon
  • Eyesee (inventory-taking drone): Squadrone System, Zebra
  • Watthealth (health sport): Sébastien Chabal 

Our transformation by service partner

Logo Académie du ServiceWith Académie du Service we share the conviction that digital transformation is first of all a transformation to services and that it first and foremost involves people. The Académie is helping us to build a service culture within our customers' teams. We are working together to help people imagine, produce and industrialize services and invent digital services which will boost the growth of their businesses.