Our logistics solutions partners

To enable our customers to improve performance and to take advantage of the latest innovations in management of their supply chain, we have developed a number of hardware and software partnerships. In parallel, in order to provide them with support for the international market, we use an ecosystem of integrator partners, specialized in the field of logistics.

Technology partners

  • Honeywell - Vocollect: mobile devices, printers, voice recognition
  • Transics, Vehco, Qualcomm: on-board computing solutions for transport
  • Zebra: mobile devices, printers, voice recognition (Tekspeech Pro)

Software solution partners

  • Shippeo: cloud solution for tracking transport
  • Scallog: robot solution for order picking
  • TDI: Exlabel connector partner - publishing solution for transport
  • PTV: mapping and route optimization
  • Report One: MyReport, BI solution integrated into Reflex
  • Voiteq: VoiceMan Connect for Reflex, voice solution integrator

Hardware integrator partners

  • Solutys - Karelis: warehouse mobility solution integrator
  • E-Dentic: warehouse mobility solution integrator, specializing in the E-Vision solution
  • Fréquentiel: warehouse mobility solution integrator, specializing in RFID solutions

Reflex WMS distributors and integrator partners

  • IBM: International
  • Logaps: Netherlands
  • Avenir Logistic Conseil: Reunion, Indian Ocean
  • Hardis Italia: Italy
  • Kouka: Benelux
  • Adameo: France
  • ACSEP : France

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