With this agreement, Hardis Group strengthens its presence on the international scene and API can provide complementary offers to its own services for its Swiss customers.

Hardis Group, a business software publishing and facilities management company, has signed a partnership with API SA, a Swiss IT infrastructure services company in Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchâtel and Zurich. Under the agreement, API will prescribe and market some of Hardis' offers in Switzerland as a complement to its own services. This partnership will enable Hardis Group to continue its international growth, and API to expand its offer to its customers.

International development for Hardis Group

With 5 branches throughout France (Lyon, Paris, Lille, Nantes and Rennes), in addition to its headquarters in Grenoble, and 600 employees, Hardis Group is a nationally recognized player. To maintain growth at a steady pace - 10% planned for 2011 and 2012 – Hardis Group wants to strengthen its presence outside France, relying on opinion leader partners and / or retailers of its offers, which share its values ​​: commitment, teamwork, trust, proximity, quality, respect and sharing.

The partnership between API and Hardis Group concerns the Swiss market. It will perpetuate the relationship between the two companies, that began with the rewrite project (AS / 400 to Java RCP) of the financial and litigation management application of Groupe Mutuel, the number 3 health insurance company in Switzerland. A project that will take 5800 man/days, spread over 16 months, until June 2012.

Additional offers its services for API

With about 85 employees and offices in Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchâtel and Zurich, API aims to be a key partner for IT departments. With this partnership agreement, the services and infrastructure solutions specialist will now be prescribing and marketing some of Hardis' offers complementary to its own, its customers' and its prospects':

  • Development and Third Party Application Maintenance services, in particular for J2EE, .Net, PHP, AS/400 environments and Adelia, (a development studio published by Hardis Group).
  • Project owner assistance and testing services, the methodology of which (integration testing as of design phase) has brought Hardis Group into the Top 5 test specialists in France.
  • The Supply Chain Management software solution Reflex, which covers all flow management needs for warehouses and transportation, and is available in client-server mode or SaaS.

Hardis Group will assist API with training for its sales force, pre-sales support (responses to calls for tender, demonstration, etc.), and marketing and communication tools. A common event is already scheduled for early 2012.


About API

Logo API

API was founded over twenty years ago by Maxime Borros, CEO of the company. It is one of the key IT companies in Switzerland in the field of IT infrastructure solutions and services. Its range of products and services is based on three main areas: consultancy and project management missions (PMI certification), design and implementation of infrastructure and infrastructure management, from a conventional global outsourcing model to an Outtasking model simply via staff delegation. ISO 9001 certified: 2008, audited annually to meet the requirements of FINMA and with internal processes in line with ITIL standards, API positions itself as a preferred partner for outsourcing operations management. API fully meets the criteria required by its various partners and customers as regards the Service Level Agreement (SLA). API now covers the whole of French-speaking Switzerland and is starting to develop in German-speaking Switzerland. In 2010, API turnover rose by 25 % to over 12 million Swiss francs.

Hardis Group signs a partnership with API, the infrastructure specialist in Switzerland