The company posted revenues of €83.3 million, up by 21% on 2015. Operating income jumped 57% to €6.6 million. These results are very much higher than anticipated, meaning that the group is a year ahead in terms of the goals of its three-year plan.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and independent software vendor, announces its results for 2016. Revenues grew by 21% to €83.3 million, against €68.8 million in 2015 (and €75 million planned in early 2016). Operating profit was up 57%, reaching €6.6 million, against €4.2 million in 2015. This organic growth, which benefits all the group's activities is the result of a deliberate repositioning in favor of activities focused on creating value and innovation begun in 2012. For the 2017 financial year, Hardis Group is planning to achieve a turnover of €95 million, or a growth of slightly more than 14%, with an operating profit of about 7%.

All business lines contribute to growth

With a turnover of €56.2 million, services account for just over 67% of overall business. Business Consulting surged by 44%, followed by Cloud Solutions and application development and Business Application services, which rose by 33% and 20% respectively.

The publishing business for logistics solutions (Reflex Solutions) records a growth of 20%. It contributed €30.1 million to Hardis Group's overall turnover, including 27% generated abroad (against just over 18% in 2015). 2016 saw the deployment of Reflex in Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Romania, etc.) and the signing of a partnership agreement with an integrator in the Netherlands.

License sales for the historic development platform Adelia account for close to €2.6 million.

The workforce increased from 720 to 850 employees since late 2015, up by 18%.

Growth driven by value creation and innovation

As in 2015, all Hardis Group's activities have contributed to its profitable growth. "These results validate the transformational directions we set back in 2012, to provide our customers with more value as part of their digital transformation", says Nicolas Odet, CEO of Hardis Group. These lines are structured around several initiatives run in parallel: strengthening sector-based expertise on the company's target markets (insurance, retail, industry, logistics providers), intensifying synergies between its strategic business areas (Business consulting, Business Applications, Cloud Solutions and Reflex Solutions), the development of new support methods (digital transformation guidance, co-creation and co-innovation, agile methods, DevOps, etc.), skills development, internal mobility and encouragement for employee initiatives as a driver of innovation and internal transformation.

2017: international development and innovation driven by employees

"With a target of €95 million in turnover for 2017, we are more than a year ahead of our three-year plan. We are still targeting an operating profit of around 7%, as we are continuing to invest in the development of our employees' skills, particularly in the area of innovation", continues Nicolas Odet.

To achieve this, Hardis Group will continue its transformation dynamics defined as part of its three-year plan "Hardis Group 2018: that's us!" The company is banking on an increasing number of projects involving several activities alongside an intensification of technology partnerships and initiatives driven by employees in the field of innovation, and technologies able to accelerate the digital transformation such as AWS, data intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and drones. In parallel, Hardis Group will continue to develop its international activities (especially in Spain, Switzerland and Benelux), while strengthening its network in France, with its Business Consulting and Business Applications activities setting up in Lille and Bordeaux. "2017 will also be the year of the rise of key platform integration projects for our customers' businesses, especially Salesforce", concludes Nicolas Odet.

2016 Annuals: a record growth of 21% for Hardis Group