Hardis Group: an identity illustrated by five values

For more than 30 years, our goal has been to satisfy our customers by meeting their strategic challenges. To do this, our staff are committed every day to design and deploy innovative and effective solutions, capitalizing on our experience and our technological and business expertise. In the spirit of sustainable partnership, we want to constantly improve and maintain the spirit of cooperation that is essential for effective collaboration.

5 values: anchoring our identity, our culture and our image

  • Commitment: to enable our customers to be successful and obtain their satisfaction through committed staff
    We are always ready to listen to our customers so as to be better able to serve them and we are constantly seeking the best way to help them create value for their own customers. Our results-oriented staff bring their talent to bear to find the right solutions for customer needs, with agility, responsiveness and proximity.
  • Efficiency: to deploy effective solutions and seek continuous improvement
    Our culture as a publisher, our business knowledge, our mastery of digital solutions and our agile methodology mean that we can provide our clients with advice and efficient, effective solutions.
  • Trust: to build lasting, trusting relationships with our customers and our employees
    Respect, solidarity, openness and clear, sincere discussion are the essential ingredients for trust. This is a key value, maintained for 30 years with our customers and partners, that helps to keep them loyal. Internally, we have confidence in our talents: we help them to develop and inculcate responsibility and autonomy in our staff.
  • Innovation: to create and develop solutions in response to future customer expectations
    Innovation is a major driver of economic development and differentiation. Hardis Group invests heavily in its partners and its ecosystem to design new solutions with a customer-centric approach. We also work hand in hand with our customers to jointly create their offers and services of tomorrow, in an agile way and as part of a sustainable growth philosophy.
  • Ambition: to see further ahead, grow our business and be able to anticipate our customers' needs
    We enjoy a challenge and while leveraging our expertise and our values, we set ambitious targets to satisfy our customers and develop our position as leader for our offers and our target markets in France and abroad. This is what makes Hardis Group a major player in IT and a key partner.