Hardis Group 2018, c'est nous !

Since its creation in 1984, Hardis Group has been operating both as a software company and as a digital services company. Our growth is based on the group's steady and sustainable development strategy, strong values (commitment, efficiency, trust, innovation, ambition) and a clear and continuous mission: provide a long-term support to the business transformation, the information system and the supply chain of our customers.

Horizon Plan 2015: the results meet our objectives

The operational and strategic objectives that we had set ourselves in 2012, under our Horizon 2015 three-year plan, have been met:

  • Verticalise our offering on our target markets: insurance, banking, distribution, industry, logistics and the public sector
  • Greater synergies between the different activities of the group (computer services and software publishing) to create solutions adding values to our customers (particularly in terms of digital transformation and innovation)
  • Strengthen our presence on the international scene, especially for our Reflex logistics solutions activity

In parallel, the economic objectives that we had set ourselves have been reached: our turnover rose by 25.8% for 3 years, our operating profit tripled and our work force increased by 20%.

It's time for "Hardis Group 2018, c'est nous !"

With our new strategic plan, called "Hardis Group 2018, c’est nous !", we continue our new ambitions, in line with the objectives defined in 2012, along three strands:

  • "Fier en 2018": the employee is at the heart of our concerns
    The well-being and the personal development of our employees contribute to both our company and customers’ success! Convinced that we are key players and co-responsible for our professional development and our work environment, we multiply our initiatives to enable all of our employees to explore their creativity, to think about new working modes and to develop their know-how and skills.
  • Open Up: International development and strengthening of our ecosystem
    In parallel, we want to speed up the international development of our activities (in particular our Reflex logistics activity) and strengthen our collaborations with our ecosystem of business, technological and academic partners. This translates for instance into:
    • Joint creation initiatives based on innovative and collaborative solutions and business models
    • Intensification of our relations with schools and universities
    • Integration of leading solutions on our target markets
    • New alliances with local integrators for Reflex in high potential countries
  • Think Forward: Innovation by Hardis Group
    In this fast-moving world, we multiply initiatives to develop and speed up innovation, with a focus on approaches inspired by Lean Startup, by opening to our ecosystem of partners and customers (open innovation) and by iterative and adaptive development in short cycles (agile methods).

    ​Our Think Forward program follows a dual objective:
    • For and with our customers: co-create together tomorrow’s solutions to develop new business models and maintain (or strengthen) their competitive edge
    • For and with our employees: foster personal development, initiative and creativity while developing new skills

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