In this fast-moving world, in order to remain permanently employable it is essential for knowledge to evolve throughout our professional lives. Continuous training is a strategic choice for Hardis Group: to respond effectively and sustainably to our clients, we commit to training our employees throughout their career with the company.

Our training commitment

Your development is at the core of our priorities. Our determination: to accompany you in your progression and to adapt your knowledge and skills in line with the needs of the market and with our strategy.

For this, we have rolled out a number of training programs that will enable you, from the time of your induction, to round out the knowledge that is and will be necessary to you.

Because this environment and the business lines are evolving very fast, we have put in place two meetings a year for you to take stock of your training requirements with your manager: the development review and the performance review.

Delivered either by training organizations selected for their expertise or by our in-house trainers, all our modules are designed to act as levers of personal and professional development.

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Regular exchanges with your manager will allow you to share your personal aspirations, your motivation to progress within Hardis Group, and to discuss the company's strategy and its impact on how the business lines evolve.

To enable you to acquire the skills you need for your professional development and employability, we have developed an extensive program of behavioral, managerial and business-line training:

  • Employees, beef up your skills
  • Managers, develop your leadership
  • Flesh out your business-line skills