Induction into Hardis Group

Welcome to Hardis Group Integrating our new employees and enabling them to develop their potential from the outset are priorities for us. We offer a personalized program of accompaniment to enable you to discover Hardis Group, its business lines, its organization and your environment.

Come in! Our priority: your induction

Hardis Group has developed an induction program to effectively support you in your first steps in the company: welcoming you to the team, introducing your mentor, a personalized program to guide you toward your first in-house or external professional contacts, and an offer of training courses to help you settle in quickly to your job and your team.

In the first four to six months you will have follow-up and scorecard interviews with your manager and the human resources division. These interviews enable us together to adjust your integration program.

Our charter of values

Hardis Group's culture is based on five strong values: commitment, efficiency, trust, innovation and ambition. If you join us, you will live and breathe it with us every day.

In order to keep watch on it, and to preserve and develop it, we've established a Charter of Values, which is given to every new employee upon joining. It brings together a number of rules of professional conduct common to all group employees regarding how to behave and how to do things in Hardis Group.