Development with Hardis Group

Moving, changing jobs, business lines, regions... Our employees' professional development is at the heart of our HR concerns. The diversity of our business lines, our clients and the sectors in which we operate favor all forms of mobility.


Hardis Group's HR policy encourages a positive, motivating, performance-generating working environment.
That's why we offer appropriate recognition to the most enterprising and to those who contribute results in a spirit of collaboration.

For this, we place at your disposal the means and tools for increasing your knowledge, advancing your skills and improving your performance.

An interview (performance review) is programmed each year between the employee and his or her manager. This exchange aims to take stock of the work accomplished during the year and to evaluate the results attained. It is also an opportunity to talk about future training requirements, to discuss your development, and to set business and people objectives for the coming year.

Internal mobility

At Hardis Group we aim to encourage and promote internal mobility. We consider it an excellent way of ensuring that a common culture is spread and felt throughout the company, while at the same time encouraging the exchange of experiences and enrichment of skills.

Employees can check internal job offers in real time and reflect on their development.

There is no set career path, but rather a range of opportunities for each person: moves between business lines, activities, business units or regions.