Our values

Five values characterize Hardis Group's identity and culture: commitment, trust, efficiency, innovation and ambition. These values have been the real pillars of our development for the past thirty years, both with our clients and our employees.

And it's because we believe that the chance for all to develop their full potential and the sharing of common values are at the heart of our company's success that we cherish and develop them every single day.

Are your convictions in line with our values? Then come and join us!


Commitment, a founding value of Hardis Group, is at the heart of our business. Showing commitment means seeking to understand the needs and expectations of our clients, employees and partners. It means putting our experience and skills to work, deciding and acting, in order to provide our clients with results based on striving for excellence.


Trust, a strong component of our history, is a fundamental factor for sound and lasting human relations. It is based on integrity, transparency and respect, and at Hardis Group it translates into simplicity, sincerity and conviviality in all our day-to-day dealings.


The history of Hardis Group has shown that the success of the business is a matter of individual and collective efficiency. Being efficient means being pragmatic, flexible, quick and effective. In order to achieve this, we aren't afraid to stand back and take a critical look at ourselves, and we seek to learn day-by-day in order to progress.


Innovation, which is the key to our sustainable growth, is the means whereby collaborative qualities and blended talents and skills find expression. We therefore take care to safeguard our openness to new ideas, our initiative, our creativity and our ability and willingness to learn, communicate and collaborate.


Ambition can be seen as a state of mind, or as the ability to keep pushing back the limits, to see further and to strive to surpass oneself in order to attain the goal sought. That's why we set ourselves tough objectives and enthusiastically set about tackling the challenge in a strong spirit of teamwork.