Our responsible approach

Hardis Group has its employees take part in its strategy, involves them in its performances and places them at the center of its HR programs. Its CSR approach is based on specific actions aimed at promoting a permanent, pleasant working environment, favoring employment and employability, and developing your skills so as to allow you to evolve.

Join us in this approach to sustainable development.

A permanent, pleasant working environment

Hardis Group strives to promote a permanent, pleasant, collaborative corporate culture and working atmosphere that is a source of wellbeing for you. Because you too as an employee will make this state of mind and this environment prosper, regardless of which site you work at.

That's why we keep a watching brief on fairness, flexibility and close and open communication.

  • Respect for individuality and differences is hardwired into Hardis Group's DNA and constitutes one of its growth drivers.
  • Fairness is the principle that guides our reflections, decisions and actions as regards the policies and practices we redesign in the Hardis Group
  • Flexibility, in ways of working, in order to respond as well as possible to our employees' needs, in a company with a human dimension
  • Close and open communication, allowing free exchange of ideas and convictions so as to advance the team and the group.

Favoring employment and employability

The men and women employed by Hardis Group are the driver of its business. And when it comes to trying to reconcile performance, growth and sustainable development, our actions are indeed directed at employment and employability.

  • Hardis Group has grown continuously since its establishment, and has created jobs in France: this is a strategic decision of the group, which demonstrates our responsibility as citizens as well as our determination to turn our employees' proximity to their clients into value.
  • Daily opportunities to learn and develop: we aspire to enable you to develop at your own pace, through your responsibilities, as well as through our skills development and training programs. Our ambition is your employability.
  • Employment of seniors: Hardis Group is also determined to be attentive to seniors in order to keep them active, by listening to their needs, guiding their careers, training and knowledge transfer.
  • Actions aimed at raising awareness about disability and promoting the employment and retention in employment of persons with disabilities: Hardis Group takes in-house action to work toward diversity and establish best practices, and to develop its ties with the sheltered sector (ESAT/EA).

Developing your skills and allowing you to evolve

We make our employees' personal and professional development a central pillar of our social responsibility: allowing each to realize his or her full potential, developing expertise and advancing talents.

Our Skills Capital program illustrates this social responsibility by calling on each employee to work on his or her personal and professional development and continuously seek to improve and progress, while at the same time taking account of the pace appropriate to each particular employee. And because knowledge development is a major stake, we invest in a tailor-made program of behavioral, managerial and business-line training.

We also insist that our employees be the prime movers of their own professional development: you're the architect and builder of your career, we provide support, by listening to you and supplying the necessary tools.

We prefer to favor a wide range of opportunities rather than setting a precise career path, and we strive to achieve the best possible alignment between our employees' wishes and our internal requirements. So you will find some prospects, in both the management branches and the expertise branch.