Our HR convictions

Hardis Group's human resources policy supports, accompanies and accelerates the company's strategic transformations. It makes individual employees the prime movers in their professional development and career paths, by ensuring opportunities to cultivate and enrich their talents.

An HR strategy centered on the employee

Within Hardis Group, the HR division partners the various business units and departments to support them in their development and help them attain the company's strategic objectives.

Our ambition and our role is to stretch the boundaries of  what is possible for current and future employees, allowing them to be prime movers of a motivating career, in an established framework and in consonance with the company's values and objectives.

Partnership and shared responsibility: let's build your career together!

Hardis Group is a company with a human dimension, a convivial culture and a managerial proximity that aims to encourage its employees to grow. Our HR policy is based on partnership, shared responsibility and the proximity of management:

  • We're convinced that partnership with our employees and managers is essential for the kind of efficient, flexible, personalized HR management we aim for.
  • We apply the principle of shared responsibility: each employee has a share of responsibility in his or her progression and in how (s)he collaborates with the others, whether as head of a team or just as a colleague.

By being close and listening to our employees, while at the same time putting them in charge of their professional and personal development: that's our way of giving them the chance to show their full potential and of together constructing a career in a company that turns commitment, trust, efficiency, innovation and ambition into value.