HR news

Through the Skills Capital initiative launched in 2014, Hardis Group places the valorization of existing skills and the development of new ones at the heart of its HR policy and of management practices. In constant search of improvement and progress...

Opening up the realm of the possible to develop your skills

We want to enable each one of you to be the architect of your professional development.

To facilitate this, we've introduced a development review, separate and distinct from the annual activity scorecard: a privileged time for a very open exchange of views between employees and their superiors, for dialog about the employee's aspirations, paths and stages of progress, skills and development dynamic. An opportunity for both to engage together on a plan of action.

We've also put in place a new training offering based on the catalog of skills and designed to tie in more consistently with the implementation of employee development.

Evolving: mapping of business lines and branches

In order for you to be able to move forward have the opportunity of constructing your career development path, we've produced a mapping of the business lines and branches existing within the company, with detailed definitions of functions. Our objective: to give employees visibility on possible career moves among the Group's various business lines.