Education partnerships

Hardis Group commits to setting up lasting partnerships. We have set ourselves the priority of establishing and developing relations with schools and universities. Our objective: to involve ourselves in the students' training courses and to prepare them for tomorrow's professions. In parallel, we are committed to developing diversity, through our partnership with the Tremplin-Handicap association.

Partnerships with numerous schools

We maintain close relations and are developing partnerships with engineering schools, business schools and universities in the vicinity of our six sites: Grenoble, Lyon, Paris, Nantes, Lille and Bordeaux.

Our objectives are simple:

  • To meet you and get to know you better
  • To introduce you to our company and its range of activities and business lines
  • To support you in your studies, with teachings derived from our expertise
  • To prepare you for tomorrow's professions
  • To respond to your questions by being close at hand and always ready to exchange views

Our action finds expression in the contribution of content to teaching (lectures, courses, etc.), and participation in and creation of training programs. We also take part in selections (competitive entrance exams, thesis examination committees, preparation for interviews, etc.)

Our sponsorship action:

  • Hardis Group is sponsoring the 2014-2017 class at INSA IF Lyon.

Partnership with the Tremplin-Handicap association

In 2014, Hardis Group embarked upon a disability awareness-raising program with its employees and managers, and is carrying out actions to promote the employment and integration of persons with disabilities:

  • Awareness raising for a disabled-welcoming environment
  • Commissioning of an ergonomics expert to study adaptation of workstations
  • Development of subcontracting in favor of sheltered workshops
  • Encouraging our suppliers to create stable employment for persons with disabilities

To underline the lasting nature of our commitment, we have entered into a partnership with the Tremplin-Handicap association.

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