Tips on applying

Do you want to apply and highlight all your strong points? Would you like to arrange a job interview?

Here are some tips on how best to prepare for the various stages.

The CV and the covering letter

The covering letter must be specific as to the job for which you wish to apply with Hardis Group.

The covering letter:

  • Write in short, clear, precise sentences
  • Summarize your work and other relevant experience, and show the suitability of your profile and the post applied for
  • State why you wish to join us and what you will be able to offer us

The CV:

  • Indicate the post you're applying for
  • Set out your experience, in order, from the most recent  to the longest ago
  • Detail your technical skills or the technologies used for each experience
  • Ensure the format makes for easy reading
  • Indicate your contact details (telephone, e-mail, etc.) so that we can easily contact you

It is important to check so as to avoid sending a CV or covering letter with spelling or grammar mistakes.

How to ensure the recruitment interview is successful

The purpose of the interview is for the company and the applicant to get to know one another. For you, it's a matter of finding out whether the company and the position offered match your expectations, and for us it's a matter of assessing whether your profile matches the skills we're looking for.

A job interview should be prepared in advance:

  • Be on time and make sure you look good
  • Find out about the company and the position offered
  • Reflect on why you want the job, clarify your expectations
  • List your strong points. Why should we choose you?
  • Reply to questions in a clear, structured and precise manner
  • By all means prepare some questions to ask during the interview